Stay in Your Lane

This past Sunday my pastor delivered a very powerful message. A key thing that I took from his message was to “walk in your specialized field.” As children of God we are considered special to him and he wants us to walk in the specialty he has called us to be. The specialized field that I work in professionally is in human behavior. More specifically I work as a Clinical Social Worker. I often find clients who come to see me for therapy services struggling with the very concept of staying in their lane. I often find many colleagues struggling with the same concept.

One of the things that I often teach my children, is to be themselves in what ever they do and to try not to be someone else or emulate one another. God has called me to walk in my “specialized field” as a Saint of God. It is also expectant that I also stay in my lane as a mother, wife, daughter, and professional. I can only be who I am and try to enhance that which I God has gifted me with, It is when we try to be something that we are not or try to be someone who we are not that we find ourselves lacking and frustrated. If I am running a race and constantly look into the other runners lane, then I am not focusing on staying in my lane or running my race. If I were to run into the other runners lane I would be disqualified from the race. Thus, I must look straight ahead, concentrate, and stay in my lane.

God has called each and everyone of us to be who he has made us to be. It is with his grace and mercy that many of us find peace and joy. It is through his word that we find strength, help, and completeness. It is through the comforter, Jesus Christ that we find happiness and fulfillment. However, if we do not recognize God for who he truly is then we may have a hard time recognizing and accepting who he has called us to be. When you do not know who you are then you run the risk of straying outside of your lane and being exposed to the elements therein.

Try it. Just stay in your lane and except who you are, the good the bad, the ugly and the flawed. Because, God doesn’t make any mistakes and he made you.

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