Everyone Needs Sleep

Everyone needs sleep. Sleep is the time that our body takes to repair all the damaged cells that we have in our body. Without the proper amount of sleep you will not be able to adequately function at work, school, around your kids, family, and or friends. No matter what others may say. No one can survive for long without finding themselves succumbing to our bodies natural need to sleep.

When you become tired make sure you turn off the computer, hang up the phone, turn off the tv and close your eyes to sleep. I do not understand the concept that many Americans have about the need to work as many hours as God created without taking the time to break and rest/sleep. How can you expect to function when working around the clock and not giving your body the sleep it needs to recharge it’s self? Constantly supplying your body with energy drinks in order to keep going is not the solution. Giving your body the sleep it needs is the solution.

Unfortunately, some people are so used and accustomed to depriving their bodies of sleep that they are not even aware that they are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can have multiple negative effects on the body and cause a person to make excessive unnecessary mistakes. A person can’t function properly or think effectively when they are exhausted.

Do you find yourself grouchy? Do you have dark circles under your eyes that were never there before? Have you been having headaches? Do you feel off-balance? Does your vision become blurry at times? These may all be signs and symptoms that you are exhausted and your body is craving for sleep. Our body will let us know when it is tired if we only listen to it.

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