Living With the Voices in My Head

This is a great Ted Talk about how one women’s perseverance helped her to overcome a diagnosis that many would say is the Mecca of mental health disorders. I was truly inspired by watching this video clip to really question the training and concepts I had received regarding treating people with Schizophrenia. I am now interested in doing further research on “hearing voices movements” because I believe that we as a society tend to pathologize and diagnosis everything that is considered different and outside of the norm.

There are some societies that do not frown upon a person hearing voices inside of their heads or talking to themselves. How many of us find ourselves thinking out loud and then smiling apologetically if someone walks by and gives us that weird look? I think that we as a society can learn to ask more questions to get a fill of what a person’s story is before we first judge them and want to medicate them in order to make ourselves feel more comfortable and secure.

I hope you will enjoy this clip as much as I did. It just may make you think twice before you are ready label someone with a Schizophrenia diagnosis as “hopeless” or beyond saving.

Remember: “Don’t Allow Fear to Paralyze Your Voice.”

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