The Value of Life

Is one person’s life more valuable than the other? Does one person have more of a right to live than someone else? After watching a movie I began to question how a person could devalue another’s life. I found the movie quite disturbing. Children were born and raised to be body and organ donors for the whole of society. The children were isolated from the rest of the world, began to donate their body parts upon turning 18 years of age and would die by the third time they donated, usually living no longer than 25year of age. These children and then young adults were seen as dispensable. I recognize that the movie was pure fiction. However, it stirred up my emotions none the less. I sat there thinking “how could people be so inhumane and not care about the value of a person’s life.” It just did not seem right to birth children for the sole purpose of having them give their life so that other people could live.

Can you place a price tag on person’s life? Life is a precious thing that we all have. We will all eventually die, but until we do we should learn to appreciate the life that we have. We must learn to be grateful for every single life experience we have. Each encounter should be viewed with the mind set of ‘how can I get the best experience out of this.’ It is when we take life for granted that we become disenchanted, depressed, and unhappy with our lot in life. If we would just grab a hold of each new experience (the good and the bad), sit with it, embrace it and accept it for what it is, then we can truly say that we are living. We are not promised tomorrow so we need to make sure to make the most of today.

Do you value the life that you have been given? If not, what are you willing to do differently in order embrace the life you’ve been given and fully live to your true potential?

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