Guilt and Shame

The word guilt has such a strong meaning and can make people react and respond in various ways. To feel guilt is to feel bad about something, to be heavily weighed down and ashamed. When a person feels the emotion of guilt another deeper feeling soon comes along for the ride…shame. As a society we do not often talk about shame and it’s affect. Those things that we are ashamed of we tend to keep silent and hidden, to never be discussed with others. However, the more that we keep quite about the shame then the guiltier we will feel, making it difficult to overcome and heal from the shame. The only way to overcome the shame and not allow it control us, is to name it out loud. To not allow the shame to rule you and guilt you into making unwise decisions that you will not be able to change. Yes, we will all have guilt at one time in our lives and may even feel shame, but we can learn how to overcome those feelings. When you verbally acknowledge the shame that you are feeling, you will have a sense of empowerment. Acknowledging and facing those feelings of shame and guilt is the first step to moving forward and obtaining peace. Remember, “Don’t Allow Fear to Paralyze Your Voice

I Love Myself Flaws & All

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