Where Have Our Creative Minds Gone?

I sat in my bedroom and watched an episode of a popular TV show called “Shark Tank.” It showed an 11 year-old child who’d created a business selling dog treats. I thought to myself “wow how creative of him.” It was an interesting and amazing episode because it showed how a young child created his own business that was first sparked by his creative mind. He wasn’t afraid. He saw a need for his own dog, thought of an idea, and then took action. Can you remember when you were a child and all the creative ideas that ran through your head? Can you remember a time when your imagination ran wild with limitless possibilities of the things you wanted to do? What happened?

Unfortunately, many of us have allowed our creative minds to dry and wither away. To be replaced with the cold reality of the what I call “adult-ism” kind of close to cynicism.  When we reach the mature age of being an adult, the realities of the world takes over and then our youthful creative minds diminishes. There are those individuals who do not totally loose their creative minds and you will usually find them working in creative fields. I am not saying that we need to all stop thinking with the left side of our brains and give up the logical and analytical mind. I am simply saying that there needs to be a healthy balance of incorporating creativity into our lives. It is when we allow our minds to visit the world of possibilities and imagination that we can shake off some of the stressors in our lives. It is always good to think about alternative creative possibilities to the way we approach life, so that we can find the fun in life no matter our circumstances. Laughter is an important key ingredient to having a creative mind, living longer, and reducing stress.

So. I ask you this very important question. Are you prepared to allow your mind to think creative thoughts and to venture into the world of imagination and limitless possibilities?

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